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Specialties include:

    -Children, Adolescents & Adults


    -Relationship Issues

    -Kink & Polyam Affirming

    -Sex & Body Positive

    -Life Transitions

    -Religious Trauma

    -Anxiety & Depression

    -Family Therapy

    -Mindfulness & Stress Reduction

*Couples & Family Therapist

*Sex Therapist

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Ciera does not accept insurance. Her fees are on a sliding scale.

Ciera's fees:

  • 50-minute session for individuals: $35-$100

  • 50-minute session for families and relationships: $35-$100;

  • 80-minute session for families and relationships: $50-$150.

Ciera Coyan, Clinical Intern

Pronouns: she/her

Our feelings are our most genuine paths to knowledge. They are chaotic, sometimes painful, sometimes contradictory, but they come from deep within us. And we must key into those feelings and begin to extrapolate from them, examine them for new ways of understanding our experiences. -Audre Lorde 

I believe that all people are inherently deserving of intimacy, compassion, and love. Often, the biggest challenge is giving these things to ourselves.


Only through coming to understand and love ourselves can we understand and love the world around us. Many of us have internalized the messaging that we don’t deserve to have our needs met, whether that messaging came from our family, our romantic partners, or culture at large.


At its best, therapy is a space for radical self-discovery and acceptance, building self-love, and understanding how to better function in relationships with those around us. This approach applies to couples and families as well as individuals.


I am a collaborative therapist, meaning I work with you to create a space enough safe to allow for productive vulnerability and exploration. Ultimately each of us are experts in our own lives, so I work from a place of genuine curiosity and acceptance of each person’s unique story.

My approach...

I utilize an integrative approach, based on the needs of each individual client and relationship.  I always operate from a place of encouraging self-acceptance and empowerment.


I believe that the systems we are a part of, whether they be our personal relationships or larger social and cultural structures, impact us deeply. My approach to therapy often utilizes general systems theory, an internalized oppression model, and principles from feminist therapy.


I start with a holistic, humanistic approach that prioritizes every client’s lived experience. For this, I incorporate the work of Virginia Satir, Narrative Therapy, Attachment Theory, and existential therapy. Additionally, I encourage clients to connect with their physical selves through Polyvagal theory and somatic experiencing. 

Professional training & memberships...

I completed my bachelor’s degree at Hunter College (CUNY) in Women and Gender Studies with a concentration in Sexualities. I am currently enrolled in Antioch University Seattle’s Couple and Family Therapy program. I am an AASECT trained Sex Therapist and will work towards certification after I graduate. I am a student member of Washington Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (WAMFT) as well as the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (AAMFT).