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Specialities include:

    -Children, Adolescents and Adults (5+)


    -Trans and Non-Binary Affirming

    -Neurodivergence (ADHD, ASD, etc)

    -Fat Acceptance (HAES Affirming)

    -Highly Sensitive People/Empaths

    -Relationship Issues (Non-Monogamy Affirming)

    -Kink & Sex Positive

    -Emotional Regulation & Mindfulness

    -Identity Development & Exploration

    -Sex & Body Positive

    -Life Transitions

    -Anxiety & Depression

    -Self Esteem, Worth & Self Compassion

In-Person West Seattle and Auburn & Telehealth

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Haley does not accept commercial insurance, but IS able to take some Medicaid or Apple Health plans, such as Molina, CHPW and Coordinated Care. Haley also sees clients on a sliding scale which will be agreed upon before meeting for a full session.

Haley's fees:

  • 50-minute session for individuals: $40-$105

  • 50-minute session for families and relationships: $40-$105;

  • 80-minute session for families and relationships: $60-$150.

Haley Archer Clinical Intern

Pronouns: she/her

Each and every one of us has an important story to tell, as well as inherent strength we may discount or not be aware of. We have the right to live authentically, but many of us are influenced by external pressures that force us to make compromises and lead us away from our truest self. It will be my pleasure to help you tap into undiscovered or long forgotten sources of inner strength to guide you to reclaim your personal narrative. I am committed to helping you ito reconnect with your truest self, and  discover the peacefulness that comes from knowing and accepting that you are living in your truth.

I see a willingness to participate in the therapeutic process as the greatest gift you can give yourself. Coming to therapy is a courageous choice, and likely means that there is something in your life that has you stuck. Our society has us programmed to believe that every struggle we experience comes from within, but as a systemic therapist, one of my key goals will be to assist you in recognizing the systemic oppression influencing your lived experience, and work on ways you can take your power back. In our work together, we will both zoom out to identify how the things in your life are influenced by powers outside of your control, as well as look inward at the inner workings perpetuating maladaptive patterns that are causing you distress.

My approach...

I work very collaboratively, because I believe that we are in this together. I view you as the expert on your own life; while I am there to provide guidance and help you expand your knowledge of your truest self. Ultimately, no one knows your lived experience better than you, so you will hold the reins and lead us down the path of your choosing. In our initial sessions, we will work together to establish goals for therapy and I will assume the role of guide along your personal journey. Without forming a strong therapeutic bond, healing is unlikely to happen, so I make it my goal to cultivate an environment where you feel comfortable bringing your whole self into therapy, whatever that looks like for you, in service of building a relationship with you that is solid, productive, and safe.

I recognize that not every therapeutic modality aligns with every client’s goals and interests, so I tend to take a more integrative approach. The modalities I utilize and draw from most frequently include narrative therapy, solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT), attachment-based family
therapy (ABFT), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and emotion-focused therapy (EFT). Regardless of modality, I always work within a systems-focused, anti-oppressive, and socioculturally attuned framework.

As a systems-focused therapist, I welcome any and all members of your systems into the therapeutic space! Family members, romantic partners, etc; if you want to talk about them in session, they are welcome (but not required) to come to session and work with us to improve the relationship(s) and your overall mental health. When working with children and teens, I almost always encourage parents to be involved in the therapeutic process.

Professional training & memberships...

I am currently completing my coursework for a Master of Arts degree in Couple and Family Therapy at Antioch University Seattle. I am a member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) and the Washington Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (WAMFT). Prior to my time at Antioch, I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film and Video Studies from Central Washington University.

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