Distance Therapy

While meeting face-to-face in the office is preferential, sometimes this just isn't an option. Protea Wellness offers online HIPPAA-compliant video sessions using the Simple Practice platform. The availability of meeting online is determined on a case-by-case basis.

There are many reasons why someone might need distance counseling as an option:

  • You are in Washington state, but live far away from Seattle and have unique parts of your identity that can't be met in your community. These might include LGBTQIA, non-monogamous, or kink identities.

  • You live in, or near, Seattle, but cannot physically get to our office because you cannot climb stairs or have another disability which prevents you from coming in.


  • You experience agoraphobia, or intense anxiety, when leaving your house. In cases like this, distance counseling may be incorporated into our work together, but we will work towards helping clients to gently push themselves to make it into the office as a part of therapy.



During the time of COVID-19, Protea Wellness is helping to keep our clinicians and clients safe by only seeing clients via telehealth. If you believe you or your child would not be a candidate for telehealth, please contact us and we can talk about alternatives. Thank you!