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Counseling for Individuals

At Protea Wellness, we value and honor each person’s individual experiences and needs, acknowledging that many of us lose our sense of our uniqueness along life’s path. We are interested in knowing and working with the entirety of your identities and experiences and helping you to understand and honor all parts of you.


Our counselors and therapists work with clients using an "integrated" style, drawing on a number of different modalities depending on the client's needs and honoring your uniqueness.


Each counselor and therapist at Protea Wellness has a different specialization but we all work from a Social Justice, Anti-Oppression, Inclusive Feminist lens.

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What We Work With:

  • Anxiety and depression (including bipolar)

  • Relationship issues

  • Self worth

  • Grief and loss, including sudden loss

  • Life transitions (break-ups, moves, loss or changing of jobs, graduation, life after a loss…)

  • Coming out as LGBTQIA (or having a family member/loved one come out)

  • Gender transitions

  • Immigration, acculturation, and biculturalism

  • Finding (or re-finding) your passion in life

  • Healing after experiences of abuse or neglect

  • Healing from or reconnecting with family of origin

  • Internalized and systemic oppressions (racism, ableism, sexism, heterosexism, sizeism…)

  • Sexual health (We are sex positive, non-traditional relationship, and kink positive)

  • Body issues (We are radically body positive, Health at Every Size affirming and passionate about working with people to fight against the oppressions of the standard American Beauty Culture.)

  • Creativity and working with people in creative careers.

  • Perinatal issues (trying to get pregnant, pregnancy, postpartum anxiety or depression, adjusting to being a parent...

  • Autism spectrum and ADHD diagnoses

  • Psychosis and dissociative disorders in teens and young adults

  • and lots more!

Who We Work With:

Counselors and therapists at Protea Wellness work with a wide variety of clients, including:

  • Children and teens, ages 3-18

  • Young adults - older adults

  • LGBTQIA+ youth and adults

  • People from varying socio-economic statuses

  • People with disabilities: including physical, mental, learning and developmental

  • People with all body shapes and sizes

  • People with varying racial and ethnic identities

  • People with varying spiritual and religious practices

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