We are currently hiring for a full time (20-30 hours a week) therapist to work with adult clients.

Our ideal candidate has a knowledge of and commitment to social justice values, has done work

to understand and dismantle systemic oppression, and has clinical experience working with LGBTQIA+

communities. We also value collaboration and a commitment to continued growth.

Protea Wellness is a group therapy practice started with the intention to provide clients with skillful and compassionate care and provide therapists with a supportive and empowering workplace. We want you to absolutely love your job and not be so overworked or overburdened that you can't enjoy your life outside of work.


We want to provide the opportunity for you to come in and do the therapy you are passionate about doing, without the crushing caseloads of community mental health, or the overwhelming responsibilities of running your own private practice.


We are looking for a licensed mental health clinician (LMHC, LMFT, LCISW, PhD or PsyD). The right addition to our team will be social justice minded, queer & trans competent, committed to co-creating a non-shaming workplace, and interested in ongoing professional development and collaboration.


Minimum Qualification Requirements:

  • Master’s or Doctoral Degree in counseling or related field

  • Active license in the State of Washington

  • Available to build up to at least 20 hours of clinical work per week

  • Experience working with LGBTQIA+ individuals

  • Desire to be involved in growing your caseload, and are willing and able to network with others in the community

  • You seek feedback from and collaboration with clinical director and other clinicians in the practice, and respond to feedback with openness and grace

  • You are able and willing to consistently respond to clients, the clinical director and other clinicians within 24 hours of contact on work days

  • You complete clinical notes within 48 hours of a session and diagnoses/treatment plans within 1 week of the first full session

  • Ability to be humble, admit areas of growth, and work to remedy problems with the help of others in the practice

  • Desire to continue learning about oppression and privilege, and how it impacts the clients we work with, and ourselves


Other Qualification Preferences:

  • Prefer you to be fully licensed, but if you are an associate, please include in your resume, cover letter, or supplemental application, approximately how many hours you have left to complete (both direct client hours and supervision hours)

  • Have at least one specialization for counseling services (e.g.: grief, trauma, eating disorders, ocd, etc...)

  • Have experience working with couples, or are excited to learn how to!

  • Have experience working with QTBIPOC individuals

  • You approach wellness from a HAES perspective


This position is not suited to someone who is interested in pursuing other private or group practice endeavors. We are looking for a clinician who is excited to be part of our growing community of practitioners.



We understand that you may be transitioning out of a full time or part time job, so you will have some flexibility in scheduling. It is expected that you will be available to work at least one weekend day or evening for the first year, with the option to move to Monday-Friday after that.


When your caseload is full you will be available to hold at least 20 client sessions and complete 2-5 hours of (paid) administrative time for notes, consults, etc. per week. Clinicians are not guaranteed a minimum number of clients or sessions per week. However, we support and coach clinicians to build a caseload, and you will usually have ample opportunity to see a full-time caseload of 20-30 clients per week.


We Provide:

  • A steady stream of referrals

  • Competitive compensation, including paid admin/training time. Yearly compensation can range anywhere from 58K-88K+ to start, depending on number of hours worked (when you are fully licensed and built up to seeing at least 20 clients/week), with room to increase earnings from there.

  • Employer paid health insurance plan or an insurance stipend once an average number of clinical hours per month is reached.

  • Liability insurance

  • Retirement plan

  • Complete billing support

  • All team in-house case consultation and training, twice monthly

  • Yearly training stipend for continuing education

  • Yearly bonus based on average client load

  • Comfortable office space, with ample parking available and close proximity to multiple bus lines

  • Paid time for documentation/administrative work and networking/marketing

  • HIPAA compliant EHR, phone line, email and fax

  • Marketing on Protea Wellness' website, Facebook page, Psychology Today, and other online marketing

  • Credentialing with Regence, Premera, Cigna, and First Choice (this sometimes takes a few months)

  • The ability to manage your own schedule, choose a documentation style that works for you, and work collaboratively with other therapists

  • Clinical supervision if you are an associate-level clinician

Thank you for your interest in working with us! If you'd like to apply, please send cover letter and resume to Jennifer at: Jennifer@ProteaWellness.org and fill out our supplemental application here: Protea Supplemental Application

Employment with Protea Wellness

Therapist to work with Adults

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