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Therapist Intern

    -Adolescents and Adults (13+)



    -Gender & Sexuality

    -Sex & Body Positive

    -Trans and Non-Binary Affirming

    -Identity Development & Gender Exploration

    -Kink & Non-Monogamy Affirming

    -Intimacy & Pleasure

    -Neurodiversity (ADHD, ASD, etc)

    -Self Esteem, Worth & Compassion

    -Trauma & Complex Trauma

    -Anxiety & Depression

*Sex Therapist

*Relationship Therapist

In Person in West Seattle & Telehealth

Kendall does not accept insurance. Fees are on a sliding scale which will be agreed upon before meeting for a full session.

Kendall's fees:

  • 50-minute session for individuals: $35-$100

  • 50-minute session for families and relationships: $35-$100;

  • 80-minute session for families and relationships: $50-$150.

Kendall Malone, Clinical Intern

Pronouns: he/them

Life provides profound experiences of hope, pain, uncertainty, and connection. Therapy can provide a space of support and growth as you navigate the many transitions and challenges life offers. Embrace and celebrate taking a step toward change!


Therapy is a dynamic space that can be used for processing, celebration, and growth. As your therapist, I strive to provide an environment that creates a sense of holding, empowerment, and motivation. I strongly believe every person, and relationship, has unique strengths and abilities that can be applied to therapeutic care through collaboration and connection. I approach therapy through a person-centered and collaborative lens that advocates for autonomy in creating a therapeutic environment that fits your needs.

My approach...

I work with a variety of adolescents (13+) and adult individuals as well as  relationships. I am trans, queer, and non-binary myself and I cherish the opportunity to explore gender and sexuality, and to support LGBTQ+ clients. As a Sex Therapist I emphasize the importance of consent, pleasure, attunement, and exploration for individuals and relationships. In my relational work, I utilize a multimodal approach to strengthening relationships as a space for collaboration and empowerment.


I hope to support your healing through an affirmative, compassionate, and integrative framework that is founded on the capacity to connect with the self and others. I use an integrated systems approach to therapy and think that it is important to emphasize the role and impact of relationships and community in change and healing.


I honor therapy as a space for collaboration, affirmation, and exploration that provides a non-judgemental container for support and growth. I use an anti-oppression, sex and body positive, trauma-informed, and culturally-attuned approach to my work.

Professional training & memberships...

I am a Master’s level student in the Couples & Family Therapy Program at Antioch University Seattle. I am also a graduate from the Sex Therapy Certificate Program at Antioch. I am a member of the Queer and Trans Alliance with the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT). My Bachelor’s degree is in Psychology and Chinese Language from the University of Louisville.


I have a background in education from my time teaching in China, as well as crisis response from my experience at Emergency Psychiatric Services. I am passionate about the importance of maintaining a lifelong stance of curiosity and education surrounding the wealth of human experience.

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