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Marriage & Family Therapy Intern

    -Adolescents, & Adults (age 13+)

    -Gender Diverse Children

    -Kink & Polyam Affirming

    -Sex & Body Positive

    -Internalized Oppression

    -Trauma & Complex Trauma
    -Anxiety & Depression

    -Life Transitions


*Family Therapist

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Leah does not accept insurance. Her fees are on a sliding scale.

Leah's fees:

  • 50-minute session for individuals: $35-$100

  • 50-minute session for families and relationships: $35-$100;

  • 80-minute session for families and relationships: $50-$150.

Leah Kolman, Clinical Intern

Pronouns: she/her

I believe that seeking therapy is a courageous act. Starting a new therapy relationship can be scary, especially when you are struggling with past experiences or exploring a new part of yourself. The messages we hear about our experiences and identities can lead us to believe negative thoughts about ourselves that aren’t necessarily true. Therapy should be a space that always feels safe to explore who we were, are, and want to be.


I affirm all gender, sexual, and cultural identities, and my highest priority is maintaining a space where my clients feel safe and respected. I believe you are the expert on your own life, and I will always work to see things from your unique perspective. I will show up to our sessions as curious, flexible, and empathetic, working collaboratively with you to help you set and meet your own goals.


I want to help you create the changes you’ve been seeking, even if you don’t know how to get there yet.  Sometimes therapy will be hard, especially as we work with stories and experiences that aren’t often shared. But working with the right therapist can help us change and grow in ways that seemed impossible at the start. I aim to create a space with my clients that will support those changes.

My approach...

I believe therapy should be flexible to the unique needs and circumstances of clients, and that my role is to adapt to your needs as we find ways to support your process. I am an integrative therapist who uses different theories based on a client’s particular needs and goals.

I work from a narrative therapy and solution-focused therapy foundation. As a systemic therapist, I believe we all absorb messages from our communities and the larger culture that can really affect our self-image. For those who are struggling with negative self-talk or experiencing stigma because of their identity, it can be helpful to reconsider how we think of our experiences to change how we think of ourselves.


I also incorporate other modalities as appropriate, including emotion-focused therapy (EFT), cognitive-behavioral-therapy (CBT), structural therapy, and mindfulness-based interventions. I want to work with you to develop strategies that work best for you, and we can learn those as we work together.

I specialize in working with gender-diverse youth, adults, and families. I have experience, and particularly enjoy, working with people who are lgbtqia+, gender-diverse, neuro-diverse, those from or in non-traditional families, and those who deal with chronic illness. I am polyam-competent, sex positive, kink-informed and trauma-informed.

Professional training & memberships...

I am a master’s level student in the Couple and Family Therapy program at Antioch University Seattle. Before attending Antioch I graduated with a BA in Psychology from University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire.  I am a member of the American Association of Marriage & Family Therapy (AAMFT).