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Working on Trauma in a Time of Social Distancing

This season of our world is marked with upheaval & uncertainty, all while we are being asked to stay still. Deep truths and inequities in our culture and in ourselves are being revealed. What are we to do about it? Where can we turn when it feels we can no longer escape ourselves?

Social distancing and shelter-in-place directives are pushing us all to evaluate our lives, our culture, our existence. It is acting as a mirror to our own pain, deep fears, and the tender areas of our soul that need healing. While the day to day discomfort and devastation can feel overwhelming, what I know is true is that people are resilient. We are being pushed to reconcile our trauma, our parent wounds, our broken relationships. Many of us are journeying toward our inner child and inner nature. These are all terms we use while talking about the healing of trauma. Trauma does not only appear in our lives as a result of violent events; very often trauma is the result of the messages we received, spoken or unsaid, for years, decades, even generations.

Healing is possible, and being witnessed in the process is profound. I truly feel that clients have what it takes to dive deep, find their inner truth and, with supportive therapeutic tools, access their bravery to feel the hard and uncomfortable things, an essential step in healing. Mental health care is essential care - always - but more acutely right now. Mental health impacts our physical health and vitality, and even our immune response!

All therapists at Protea Wellness are here to support folks via video telehealth. Some of our clinicians are also offering limited in-person sessions for clients who are currently isolating from others and working from home. We are keeping the office a safe & clean space for clients who need the additional privacy or interaction, or don't have the means to meet via video telehealth. For children who aren't able to interact via video sessions, some of our clinicians are allowing for in-person sessions, if their families are isolating and parents are working from home.

Written by Britta Okes Carlisle, LSWAIC

You can contact Britta here.

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