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Specialties Include:

    -Adolescents, & Adults (age 14+)


    -Trans, Non-Binary and GE Affirming

    -Neurodivergency (ADHD, Autism, etc)

    -HAES Affirming and Body Neutral

    -Polyamory Affirming

    -Relational & Complex Trauma (DBT Informed)



    -Creativity & Arts Integrated

    -Identity Development & Exploration

    -Anxiety & Depression

    -Disability & Chronic Illness

*Convers​ational Spanish (fluent understanding)

In Person West Seattle & Telehealth

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Riah Flagler, Clinical Intern

Pronouns: they/them

How do I fit in this world?

Why is everything so intense for me?

How do I make sense of my experiences?

How do I show up with myself and others as my fullest version of self?

If these are questions you hold in your heart, but you aren’t sure how to answer them or you don’t want to hold them alone, therapy might help. 


People I work with often come to therapy after living and working within a multitude of oppressive systems and are seeking ways to better cope and thrive while experiencing intensity internally and externally. It’s painful to be misunderstood, harmed by the systems/people that are supposed to care for us, worried that we don’t belong, or carrying the residual effects of trauma in our bodies, hearts, and minds.

My approach...

I work at the intersection of connection, attachment, identities, trauma, and belonging; exploring how each piece may tug at or tend to another.


Together, we can begin to untangle stories and body sensations that may feel overwhelming to feel or experience on our own. Working together, we will move at your speed and continuously check in with each other on the pacing and experience of sessions. We will focus on building your internal capacity (being careful not to overwhelm or retraumatize the nervous system) so that you can access new skills and experience a sense of groundedness and connection. 

Because I believe we heal in relationship, I pay particular attention to what’s happening in the space between us; in our relationship. My style is warm, gentle, respectful, and focuses on what is showing up in the space between us, as well as in the body. I can be silly and use creative tools as is relevant for our work together.  I believe that we all have layers like tree rings, that hold experiences and learning that we may not even consciously remember. These layers can hold adaptive patterns and ways of moving through the world that were once essential for survival, but may no longer be serving us. I hold tremendous respect and non-judgement for all of these layers that have helped you make it to today and work with you to determine what healing means and how you wish to move forward. 

Professional training & memberships...

Riah does not accept commercial insurance, but IS able to take some Medicaid or Apple Health plans, such as Molina, CHPW and Coordinated Care. Riah also sees clients on a sliding scale which will be agreed upon before meeting for a full session.

Riah's fees:

  • 50-minute session for individuals: $40-$105

  • 50-minute session for families and relationships: $40-$105;

  • 80-minute session for families and relationships: $60-$150.

I am currently completing my Masters of Education in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Seattle University. I also hold a Masters of Fine Arts in Drama and Theatre for Youth and Communities from the University of Texas at Austin and a BFA in Theatre Education from the University of Arizona. 

I began my professional career as a teacher in various contexts (middle school, high school, freelance teacher of English as an additional language, and then university settings). Prior to entering the counseling field, I worked as a community-engaged facilitator-teacher-storyteller in Columbus, Ohio. 

I am affiliated with Inclusive Therapists and draw on my training in the Community Resiliency Model, Gestalt Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, autistic grief, creative approaches in counseling, and working with complex relational trauma.

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